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Crease Recovery Tester TF110

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Crease Recovery Tester, to determining recovery properties of fabrics by creasing in a loading device for a predetermined time using a weight suitable for the test method specified (BS/ISO/AATCC), After transferring the specimen to the clamp of the tester, the specimen is allowed to recover and the angle of recovery recorded. Fabric Crease Tester complies with ISO 2313, AATCC 66, BS EN 22313, etc.



Crease Recovery Tester & Loading Device is designed to conduct the crease resistance test for varied fabric. First, you press the specimen on the crease loading device, at a required pressure according to the test method defined by BS/ISO/AATCC, after a required time, then putting the specimen to the clamp of the recovery tester to observe and record the angle changing.

Crease recovery angle tester comes with a crease recovery tester and two loading device, and other required accessories.


5 kg


Length: 170 mm Width:170 mmHeight:360 mm


ISO 2313AATCC 66BS EN 22313M&S P22

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10 reviews for Crease Recovery Tester TF110

  1. Anonymous

    Fine, already ordered repeatedly

  2. Jane

    A good tester. perfectly packaged. fast delivery.

    • testextextile

      We are looking forward to cooperate with you next time!

  3. Cora Morley

    This crease recovery meter shows its role in crease resistance test.

  4. Hugo Christy

    Another order will be soon!

    • testextextile

      Thanks for your believing!

  5. Liz Macaulay

    Great crease recovery tester.

  6. Newman Foster

    It’s nice that crease recovery tester with good package, we will have next cooperation.

  7. Griffith Tracy

    works well so far.

  8. Carson

    excellent machine!

  9. Alexander J

    this tiny crease recovery tester just can get its job done, good!

  10. Bob

    This little tester is my favorite to check the raw material quality for my suit customization business

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