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Pilliscope Assessment Viewer TF211

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Pilliscope Assessment Viewer, suitable for all standards where the assessment of pilling on fabrics is necessary, whether against control fabrics or photographs. Pilliscope Assessment Viewer complies with ISO 12945, ASTM D3512, ASTM D4970, etc.

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Pilliscope Assessment Viewer / Viewing cabinet, Suitable for standards where the assessment of pilling on fabrics is necessary, provides a clear viewing light environment where the test specimen being compared against control fabrics or photographs.
The viewer is suitable for the following test result evaluation: Martindale Pilling, Random Tumble Pilling, ICI Pilling, ICI Snagging, Brush/Sponge Pilling.


  • Observe zone: 340×165×240 mm


8 kg


220/110 V 50/60 Hz1 A


Length:340 mmWidth:240 mmHeight:280 mm


ISO 12945

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7 reviews for Pilliscope Assessment Viewer TF211

  1. Louis Rose

    Good seller

  2. Adair Houston

    Все ок

  3. Joanna Byron

    Excellent viewer, excellent manufacturer!

  4. Joan Elsie

    Viewer price is reasonable.

  5. Sophia FitzGerald

    Nice unit. Easy to use and very competitive price.

  6. daniel

    I bought this pilliscope assessment viewer together with the martingale, good

  7. Peter Hurley

    A must assessment unit for testing

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