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Twist Tester TY370

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Yarn Twist Tester, to determine yarn twist in single or plied yarns, quadrant type with auto stop & reverse for conventional or untwist/re-twist methods. Twist Tester Machine complies with ISO 2061, ASTM D1422/1423, BS 2085,etc. Twist test is very important in textile testing. Our Yarn Twisting Machine price is also competitive.

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Twist Tester, is used to get the coefficient of twist, which is a measurement of the level of twist of the yarn, suitable for testing single or plied yarns, equipped with auto stop & reverse for conventional or untwist/re-twist methods, makes yarn twist testing an easy task for textile testing labs or factories.

Twist tester offers adjustable test length up to 500mm/20 inches for S & Z twist yarns, and inching function helps the operator to get an esteemed twist quickly. Test result in TPI / TPM is directly displayed on the touch screen.


  • Touch screen
  • 4 test methods direct counting, untwist/re-twist, 3- times untwist/re-twist method, etc.
  • Length of specimen 10 ~ 500mm adjustable
  • Twist speed 100 ~ 1900 rpm
  • Yarn count range 1 ~ 499.9 tex
  • Units TPM / TPI
  • Twist range 9999 twists


22 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz


Length:1020 mmWidth:360 mmHeight:350 mm


ISO 2061ASTM D1422ASTM D1423

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2 reviews for Twist Tester TY370

  1. Darnell Peacock

    The twist tester price is really favourable.And it has great performance in Yarn twist test.

  2. Vicky Donne

    Excellent unit.

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